We’d love to share your expertise with the independent business community and invite you to submit a post for publication to the HoneyBook blog. Please be aware that submitting content via this form does not guarantee that your submission will be accepted and published. All submissions are published at the discretion of the HoneyBook content team.

This year we’re focused on content that helps independent business owners manage their clientflow; the complete process of selling and delivering services to clients.

From April to June 2023 we’re accepting submissions that cover the second phase of the clientflow, booking. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Successful client meetings
  • Brochure/service selection success tips
  • Kicking off projects
  • Client onboarding
  • Protecting your business with contracts 
  • Invoicing best practices 
  • Collecting payments 

For the best chances of publication, please follow these guidelines:

  • We’re looking for action-oriented content that is valuable for independent business owners. Please write within your area of expertise, and feel free to use include examples from your experience to enhance your content.
  • Keep your submission between 1,500 - 2,000 words.
  • Organize your content with a title, headings, and subheadings using sentence case    
    • For example, “How to write a great email” is sentence case. 
  • Identify a primary keyword and make sure it is included in your post title, first paragraph, at least one header, and naturally throughout the post.    
    • For example, “contact form mistakes” would be the primary keyword for the post. “5 contact form mistakes and how to fix them”
  • Write a short meta description about your post (160 characters) that includes the primary keyword.
  • We accept posts with natural links throughout that cite your research, but we reserve the editorial oversight to remove backlinks with no added value to our audience.
  • If you are a HoneyBook member and it is relevant to your content, we encourage mentions or tie-ins to HoneyBook.

Please note, by submitting your content to the HoneyBook blog, you are aware of and agree to the following:

  • This content is used as a tool for teaching and sharing within the community online. We’re looking for clear, actionable content that provides relevant education to the Independent business community. We reserve the right to edit your copy as seen fit for reasons including but not limited to: grammar, content, tone of voice, SEO effectiveness, and more. We also reserve the right to use only a portion of the submission if needed.
  • As an organization that believes in inclusivity, we aim to provide content for our community that does not discriminate or exclude any person or people group based on their religion, political interest, race, gender, or sexual orientation. Any content that does include a religious, political, or other such bias will not be accepted. We ask that you keep this in mind when writing and submitting content for publication.
  • A successful content submission by or on behalf of an independent business owner who is not affiliated with an SEO or content agency and who is not participating in a brand collaboration with HoneyBook will be eligible for $75 USD stipend. We also do our best to actively promote featured contributors’ content to provide brand exposure among our audience of highly engaged independent business owners.
  • We do not allow pitches or personal affiliate links unless they are directly relevant to the content shared and clearly provide enriched value to your article. Examples include links to additional educational resources such as opt-ins for webinars, upcoming courses or workshops, or downloadable content on your website.  If you have something you’d like to share but aren’t sure if it’s permitted, don’t hesitate to ask us!

You can find the full content terms and guidelines here.